Bad play begets bad play?

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I played a long session of live $1/2 last weekend. It was brutal, total rollercoaster train wreck.I sat down with $300 and started bleeding immediately. I had a ton of suited connectors that didn’t pan out and was getting beat by slow played KK and there was one a-hole that was totally picking on me. He slow played AKdd and hit a flush on the river. Reraising me, putting me all-in. The straw that broke the camel’s back is that I went all-in for my last $150 with QQ and he beat me with 85o when he double-paired the flop.He was also annoying, complaining about every single dealer. Mostly how they were ‘disrespecting’ him by, as he claims, looking surprised when he won. IDK, but I switched tables and this fucker is still staring me down. I was going to flip him off, but I just waved instead and he finally looked away.Anyways, I’m at the new table and I’m still getting owned. I would bet my draws on the flop and turn and get reraised 3x. I would bet with top pair-top kicker, and get beat by a slow played two-pair or set. This table was FULL of talk between 3-5 players that were talking GTO strategy, and how to bet in previous situations. One guy bluffed a guy off a huge pot when he went all-in with 88 and guy laid down two pair, when a straight was on the board.Finally, I said fuck it, and thought, it’s time to fight fire with fire. BTW, I have a TERRIBLE table image and I’m in the game for $800 with maybe a little over $250 in front of me.I bet $10 from LJ with TT and get two callers.Flop is Ts4c5d.It’s not super dry, but I decide to check. Hijack makes it $25, CO calls. I call.Turn is 9s. I check, Hijack makes it $50, with both call.River is Jh. So, I’m a little annoyed that I let the Straight get there. I check. HJ goes all-in for $165. CO doesn’t take too long and calls. I have it barely covered and call.I win when HJ showed QTss for a pair and busted flush/straight draw. The CO had 45hh.So, I’m thinking that I shouldn’t have slow-played from the get-go. I’m thinking that I should’ve bet on the flop, and Cbet at least one street. I’m not unhappy with the check on the River as I was in bad shape. Any pointers to how to play it better?One other hand in this vein was when I opened to $10 with A5hh and get one caller from a guy that was habitually reraising me. A guy that was talking game theory with the other guys, and the one who bluffed huge and won before with 88. (BTW, this guy busted later when he went all-in preflop, got called and lost when his 44 got beat when AJ paired on the flop)Flop is Qh2h6cI check and he checks.Turn is the 9h. I check my nut flush and he bets $25 and I call.The river is a 3c and I bet. I didn’t even count my chips; I just grabbed a handful of chips and placed them over the line and the dealer counts $55.The guy looks at me incredulously and asks, ‘what in the world do you have?’ He then says he has to see what I have and calls. I turn it over and he says, ‘ah, figured.’These hands got me back on track. I ended up booking a win for +$52.I’m not sure that I played either hand correctly, but I played a lot hands like this…passive and trappy, and won. But results be damned, that can’t be the way to play good poker, right? But what happens when the rest of the table are wild, trappy aholes (under the guise of GTO experts) and you keep losing when you get reraised when you bet draws and strong pairs?

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