$100 Local Casino Tournament – 17/70 Players Left- Hero All-In on Flop w/ Flush Draw

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$100 Casino Hold’em tournament, 10,000 chips, 50 players. ~20 alternates. I got as an alternate in Round 2/3 and made it to Round 8.SB: 800BB: 1600 + 1600 BBAntePre Flop: Villain is SB and calls, Hero is BB with 8c Jc and checks. (rest of table folds, 2 players)Flop: (4000) 7c 4c Qh (2 players), Hero goes All-in, Villain calls shows 4d 4sTurn: 2hRiver: QdThis was my first in-person tournament, and I am not going to lie, I was very nervous. I screwed up a couple of times with things like throwing in chips in two moves, almost folding out of order, and one time I meant to call but threw in too many chips. I found myself trying to pay attention to my order and keeping up with the table more than keeping track of my chip count and other players in the tournament.All I can remember is I had a stack of what I think was 12,000 and this point, and realized I was very low compared to the others left in the tournament. I folded ~4-5 in a row until I was BB again and felt that I needed to make a move to stay in. The BB+BBante was really throwing me off because it was like 2 BBs at once. When the flop showed flush draw after the Villain call, I felt that I needed to make a move to stay in. If he would have raised pre-flop, I would have folded.Probably because this was my first time at a casino playing in person, but I keep second guessing myself and re-evaluating whether I should have done that or not. Regardless of the fact that he ended up with a Full House, which would have beaten me even if I caught the Flush, I keep thinking I should have been more patient, less stupid, and less aggressive at that stage of the tournament. Sorry if I messed up the format in the post. This has been replaying in head and was hoping for some opinions.

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